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I trained with the well known Clifton Practice and graduated with the HPD (Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma) which is accredited by the NCFE as a level 4 qualification in Solution Focused Pyschotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Most of us (if not all) in this day and age have experienced some sort of mental health issue whether that be something that we notice, but doesn't affect us for a long period of time, or a problem that affects us more deeply. Sometimes problems stay with us longer than we would like and this often makes them 'snowball' and we find that going about our daily lives isn't as easy. 

When we feel that we have lost control of one area of our life, we find that we lose control or over compensate in other areas.

Modern research has shown that, by focusing on the problem, we may only serve to strengthen negative neural-pathways that have been made. Sometimes the problem that we think we have isn't actually the root cause. 

By positively focusing on the solutions, we can actually strengthen and even create positive pathways in our brain. In doing this we can make a long lasting and often fast change. 

Why do I use hypnotherapy as part of our sessions?

A major part of our wellbeing relies on getting adequate amounts of sleep.

Clients find that, as sessions go on, their sleep pattern is improved. This is an important factor because REM sleep is our body's own way of 'filing' events in our lives. When things happen to us they are immediately stored as an 'emotional memory'. REM sleep helps us to put language to these events and therefore gives us control over them.

Trance is a completely natural state that we go into several times a day. When we are daydreaming our subconscious mind is at work helping us to find solutions and that's why we come up with such great ideas when we're on 'auto-pilot' driving to work or gazing out of the window.

This quite simply is what hypnosis serves to replicate. At the end of our talking (psychotherapy) sessions we use hypnosis to speed up the process and effectively replicate REM to help absorb the positive ways to move forward that we have discovered within our session. Just as with daydreaming, there is never any point when you are out of control and you are always fully aware of what is happening around you.

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